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Veteran Loans for Homes the Easy Way

Would you like to get a military VA loan home with a lower rate, property taxes paid for a year, no fees, all with no proof of income or tax returns? Like many happy Premiere Financial clients you probably can! (Note: Unique limitations and certain exclusionary factors may apply)

Rich Luisi takes the headache and hassle out of veteran loans for homes. The VA allows refinancing to lower interest rates, called an interest rate reduction loan. It is usually an easy and stress free process for our VA home loans experts. Premiere Financial has many helpful tools on our website, including a home mortgage calculator and our Top Flight Home Lending Process.

One of the many advantages of using Premiere Financial to refinance is that we don’t roll closing costs into the loan. Many lenders tack the costs onto the back of the loan, and although the fees aren’t paid up front, they are still paid eventually. Most lenders end up giving a loan that is usually $4,000-$5,000 higher at the end of the process. Premiere Financial refrains from tacking extra charges and fees onto home loans, and instead help our clients avoid the fees altogether.

To those who are considering refinancing their home, keep in mind that your home may be your most valuable financial asset. If you haven’t refinanced recently, you’re probably paying a higher interest rate on your mortgage than you should. Take advantage of today’s record-low mortgage rates while they last. Rates are expected to remain low for a while, but they should gradually increase. When they do, many borrowers will regret having missed the opportunity to grab the lowest mortgage rate in history. Read more about the best time to refinance.

Refinancing your current military VA loan can offer you the benefit of restructuring your current monthly payment and net you savings in the short term and long term. When you decide to refinance your current VA home mortgage loan, you have different options to consider. To help determine which options are best, you should determine what you want to achieve with the refinance by speaking with one of our qualified military VA loans specialists.

For more information about Premiere Financial and our military VA loans and veterans loans for homes, contact Rich Luisi at: (760) 930-0325.