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VA Home Loans Lender in Carlsbad serving Vets and Active Duty Military

VA Home Loans Lender in Carlsbad proudly serving Vets and Active Duty Military

VA Home Loans Lender in Carlsbad proudly serving Vets and Active Duty Military

If you’re an active service member or a military veteran and you’re in need of a home loan then Premiere Financial is specially prepared to serve you.

As an experienced mortgage lender with a complete understanding of VA loans and how to go about getting approved for one, we can help to get you financed for a home quickly and without a lot of hassle.

We are usually even able to assist those military service members who have been rejected by other lenders, due to our comprehensive knowledge of federally guaranteed VA home loan rules.

Rich Luisi while serving in the Navy

Rich Luisi while serving in the Navy

The owner, Rich Luisi, is a veteran of the Navy himself so he particularly enjoys having the opportunity to help his fellow vets live the life that they deserve, in a home that they own. In fact, Rich and his family started a non-profit organization in 2006 called “Military Outreach” after the death of his brother-in-law in Iraq.

This personal connection has made him even more passionate about ensuring the well-being of our nation’s military and he considers it an honor to work with people that he considers to be heroes on a regular basis.

There are probably more options available to you as a service member than you realize and the team at Premiere Financial will be more than happy to sit down and help you understand just what they are. Whether you’re looking for a home loan to finance the purchase of an existing home or you want to build a new one from the ground up, there are VA loans with an array of benefits built into them to help you out, including more attractive interest rates, lower closing costs, and no penalties for prepaying the loan.

For those service members who already have a home but who want to make improvements so that it will be more energy efficient, there may be VA home loans which can cover the cost of things like new appliances, solar systems, storm windows and better insulation. You can contact a Premiere Financial consultant today to find out more about what kinds of improvements might be approved under a VA loan.

As a member of the military you have provided a valuable service to your country and there’s no reason that you shouldn’t enjoy the benefits that you were promised.  That’s why at Premiere Financial, we’re committed to do whatever we can to see our soldiers, sailors and pilots move into the affordable home of their dreams.